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Bike service: Get your bike ready for spring

Prepare your bike for spring and enjoy every bike ride to the fullest! This guide focuses on how you can get your bike ready for spring and maintain your bike or e-bike. From the annual inspection to the targeted maintenance of brakes, suspension forks, lights and tires - here you will receive valuable tips to ensure that your bike is not only roadworthy, but also optimally prepared for the coming season. Here we will show you the most important aspects that need to be taken into account when maintaining your bike so that you can easily get your bike ready for spring. So, grab your tools and let's get started together to prepare your bike for sunny adventures!

These components on your bicycle or e-bike should be serviced regularly

Regular maintenance of your bike is essential to ensure long-term safety and performance. An annual inspection, preferably in spring, is recommended to identify possible problems in good time.

You should regularly service the following components on your bike:

  • The brakes play a key role because their proper functioning is crucial for safety on the road.
  • The lights , especially front and rear lights, require regular checking to ensure visibility.
  • Tires should be checked for proper air pressure and replaced if worn or porous.
  • For bicycles with suspension forks , a thorough inspection of this component is advisable.
    You can find out more about this in the blog article “Tuning the suspension fork”.
    The overall cleaning of the bicycle from dust and dirt makes it easier to inspect for cracks or other defects on the bicycle frame.

Overall, these regular checks are crucial to ensuring a roadworthy bike and navigating traffic easily. Please also take a look at our advice article “Make your bike StVO / StVZO compliant” . Here you will also find out that both the Carver Street models and all e-SUVs, e-trekking and e-city bikes are fully equipped for road traffic ex works.

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Independent bicycle maintenance: You can do this work yourself

Self-maintaining your bike not only enables better performance, but also strengthens your understanding of how your two-wheeler works.

You should first remove dust and dirt from your bike. Check the frame for cracks and deformations. To ensure the longevity of your bicycle chain , it is important to carry out a thorough cleaning regularly by removing grease and dirt from the chain and sprockets with a dry cloth and then carefully oiling them. Also, check regularly for slack in the chain and tighten it if necessary to ensure a safe and efficient driving experience. If the chain is rusty, it is essential to replace it immediately to avoid damage to the bike and to ensure your safety. After inspecting the frame, chain and sprockets , also note the condition of the brakes . Check that the brake pads have enough pads and make sure that the brakes on the handlebars are adjusted correctly. Regular checks not only prevent unpleasant surprises while driving, but also contribute significantly to your safety.

In addition to the chain, the tires also deserve special attention. In addition to checking the air pressure, look for possible cuts, dents, or porous areas. A thorough inspection of the entire tread ensures that you are not driving with worn or porous tires and risking a defect.

Oiling moving parts not only contributes to longevity but also improves overall performance. Make sure to oil all moving parts of your bike , from the pedals to the chain to the gears. Rattling noises should be addressed immediately to avoid potential problems. However, make sure to use special bicycle oil for the corresponding components.

Doing maintenance work yourself is not only cost-effective, but also increases your confidence in your bike. With these steps you can ensure that your bike is not only ready for spring, but also well prepared for the adventures to come.

However, if you have two left hands and little technical understanding, it is advisable to go to a professional bicycle repair shop.

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You should have this bicycle maintenance work carried out by a specialist workshop

The expertise of a specialist bicycle workshop is particularly important when it comes to complex maintenance work that has a direct impact on the safety and performance of your bicycle. Precisely adjusting the brakes and regularly checking the brake pads are crucial to ensuring reliable braking performance in critical situations. Expertly adjusted gearshifts not only contribute to a pleasant driving experience, but also prevent premature wear and possible damage to the complex and expensive drive system.

Checking spokes, wheels and wheel bearings is another focus that experts take a close look at. These components not only influence driving stability, but also the lifespan of the bike. A thorough inspection by professionals ensures that potential problems are identified and resolved early.

Precise specialist knowledge is essential in the areas of electronics, motors, software, batteries and displays . Professionals can not only identify defects, but also perform updates and repairs to ensure optimal functionality of these complex systems. We recommend visiting a specialist workshop, especially if you are unsure or have problems, as incorrect handling of electronic components can have serious and costly consequences.

The safety of your ride is always the focus, which is why all safety-relevant components should only be handled by professionals - especially if you are not very technically versed. Trust in the experience and expertise of a specialist bicycle workshop to not only maintain the perfect functionality of your bike, but also to ensure your personal safety on every ride.

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