At Carver, we firmly believe that every bike is more than just a means of transportation - it's a key to everyday adventures. Since our founding in 1999, we have been dedicated to providing quality bikes at affordable prices. Our bikes are designed for the variety of your life, whether it's a commute to work, a spontaneous after-work discovery tour or a planned trip. With Carver by your side, every destination is achievable, every adventure is just waiting to be experienced.

Carver Fahrrad, Tour E.420, rot, Frau, Sonne, Gepäckträger

Quality Made in Germany

Our promise to deliver "Quality made in Germany" is reflected in every Carver bike. With over two decades of experience and a dedicated team of specialists in our own production facility, we guarantee the highest quality and reliability. By focusing on renowned components and a modular system for easy maintenance, we ensure that your bike will accompany you for years to come. Carver stands for durability, performance and attention to detail.

Mann und Carver Fahrrad SUV E.450

Your individual driving experience

At Carver, the focus is on the rider. We design bikes that integrate seamlessly into your everyday life and your personal adventures. Our bikes are designed to give you freedom and flexibility, whether you're whizzing through the city or seeking the tranquillity of nature. Each of our bikes is a promise to you - to your dreams and your passion. With Carver, you can experience the world your way and turn every day into a special moment. Your bike, your adventure, your life.

Frequently asked questions about our carver bikes

Where is Carver produced?

Carver bikes are designed at our company headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. The final assembly of our top models takes place at our production site in Hiddenhausen in North Rhine-Westphalia. This allows us to control all final steps and guarantee consistently high product quality.

"Consistently high quality is our top priority. For this reason, we are expanding our own assembly plant in Germany from year to year. All Carver e-bikes, among others, already come from our assembly facility near Bielefeld."

(Denis-Oliver Hoins, CEO, Fahrrad XXL Group GmbH)

What does Everyday Adventure stand for?

We all face new challenges and experience different adventures every day. We want to accompany you on your daily cycling adventures. Whether small or large. leisure or sport. Carver is for each of us. That's exactly what Everyday Adventure stands for.

Since when has Carver existed?

Carver draws on more than 100 years of industry expertise and sales experience. Carver was founded in 1999 with the development of its own bicycles. Since 2013, we have been a genuine Frankfurt brand and have therefore based our development department entirely in Frankfurt. Our goal then, as it is today: high-quality products that meet the requirements of our customers at a top price-performance ratio.

Where is Carver developed?

We are a real Frankfurt brand and have therefore based our entire development department in Frankfurt.

Where will my carver bike be assembled?

Consistently high quality is our top priority. This is precisely why we are expanding our own assembly plant near Bielefeld from year to year.