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Bosch 750Wh Akku

Our Strict-E models set new standards in the e-bike world: from frame size S upwards, they offer the option of using a powerful 750 Wh Bosch battery. This innovation guarantees longer adventures, fewer charging interruptions and maximum performance. Regardless of body size, all riders can now experience the same outstanding range and performance. Discover limitlessness with the Strict-E models, where performance meets accessibility.

Own charging port

The Strict-E Series takes charging convenience to a new level: with a specially developed charging port ergonomically positioned on the top tube. This innovative charging port not only simplifies access and the charging process, but also integrates seamlessly into the design to preserve the aesthetics. Experience how convenient and accessible charging your e-bike can be, and spend more time on the bike and less time charging.

Bosch Smart system

The Bosch Smart System revolutionizes your e-bike experience with seamless integration and intelligent technology. Enjoy the freedom of an intuitive riding experience thanks to the powerful Bosch Performance Line CX motor, complemented by a long-lasting battery for maximum range. With the user-friendly Bosch eBike Flow app, you can personalize your bike and always keep it up to date. Experience the future of cycling - smart, connected, limitless.

Frequently asked questions about our Carver bikes

Where is Carver produced?

Carver bikes are designed at our company headquarters in
Frankfurt am Main. The final assembly of our top models takes place at our
production site in Hiddenhausen in North Rhine-Westphalia. This allows us to
control all final steps and guarantee consistently high product quality.

"Consistently high quality is our top priority. For
this reason, we are expanding our own assembly plant in Germany from year to
year. All Carver e-bikes, among others, already come from our assembly facility
near Bielefeld."

(Denis-Oliver Hoins, CEO, Fahrrad XXL Group GmbH)

What does everyday adventure stand for?

We all face new challenges and experience different
adventures every day. We want to accompany you on your daily cycling
adventures. Whether small or large. leisure or sport. Carver is for each of us.
That's exactly what Everyday Adventure stands for.

Since when has Carver existed?

Carver draws on more than 100 years of industry expertise
and sales experience. Carver was founded in 1999 with the development of its
own bicycles. Since 2013, we have been a genuine Frankfurt brand and have
therefore based our development department entirely in Frankfurt. Our goal
then, as it is today: high-quality products that meet the requirements of our
customers at a top price-performance ratio.

Where is Carver developed?

We are a real Frankfurt brand and have therefore based our
entire development department in Frankfurt.

Where will my carver bike be assembled?

Consistently high quality is our top priority. This is
precisely why we are expanding our own assembly plant near Bielefeld from year
to year.

Discover freedom with Carver e-mountain bikes hardtail - buy online now!

✅ Welcome to the world of Carver e-mountainbike hardtails...

... where quality meets performance and every adventure is within reach. Our hardtail e-mountainbikes are specially designed for those who want to push the boundaries of what is possible and master every trail with enthusiasm. You can buy your Carver e-mountain bike online from us and start your next adventure straight away.

✅ Why a Carver e-mountain bike hardtail?

Maximum performance: Our hardtail e-mountainbikes are equipped with high-quality components that ensure optimum performance. From powerful motors to long-lasting batteries - at Carver you will find the perfect combination of power and endurance.for any terrain: Whether steep climbs or fast descents, with a Carver e-mountain bike hardtail you are perfectly equipped. The hardtail construction offers you stability and control on any surface, while you benefit from the additional power of the electric drive.Design and quality: Carver stands for innovation and quality. Our e-mountainbikes are not only powerful, but also aesthetically pleasing. With a clear and modern design, you will stand out on any trail.

✅ Buy Carver e-mountain bikes online - your advantage

Convenience: Browse through our range and find your ideal e-mountain bike hardtail from the comfort of your own home. With just a few clicks, the bike of your choice can be ordered and delivered directly to your home.

Advice: Unsure which model is right for you? Our team of experts is here to help and advise you. Simply contact us and we will help you find the perfect e-mountain bike for your needs.

Quality guarantee: At Carver, you can be sure that you are purchasing an e-mountain bike of the highest quality. Our bikes are manufactured to rigorous standards and extensively tested to give you the best experience.

✅ Ready for the next level? Buy your Carver e-mountain bike hardtail online now!

Discover the selection of Carver hardtail e-mountain bikes in our online store now and find your perfect model. Whether for sporty adventures or as a loyal companion in everyday life - a Carver e-mountainbike hardtail will take you anywhere. Buy your e-mountain bike online now and experience freedom on two wheels like never before.

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