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Carver Handbook: Tuning the suspension fork

Most carver bikes are equipped with suspension forks. This makes your Carver easier to control off-road or on poor roads because the tire maintains more contact with the ground. The (shock) loads on the bike and rider are noticeably reduced.

Suspension forks differ in the design of the spring elements and the type of damper. Either steel springs, elastomers, air in a closed chamber or combinations of these are common. Steaming is usually done with oil.

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Adjusting the spring hardness

In order for the fork to function optimally, it must be tailored to the rider's weight, sitting position and intended use. When you sit down, the suspension fork should dip by 10-25% of its maximum travel. If you have any problems setting it up, either contact a bicycle retailer near you or use the contact form .

If the fork bottoms out audibly several times in the terrain or on poor road surfaces, the spring is set too soft. The preload/pressure needs to be increased. If the adjustment range for steel springs is not sufficient, have the spring replaced by a specialist bicycle dealer.

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