Carver Handbuch, Fahrrad, nach einem sturz

Carver Handbook: What is required after a fall?

Is everything going smoothly?

Check whether the wheels are still firmly clamped in the wheel mounts (dropouts) and whether the rims are centered in the frame or in the fork. Turn the wheels and observe either the gap between the brake pads and the rim sides or between the frame and tires. If the gap changes significantly and you cannot center it on site, with rim brakes you have to open the brakes slightly so that the rim can pass between the pads without dragging. Please note that the full braking effect may then no longer be available.

Carver, Fahrrad, Reifen, Schnellspanner, Steckachsen
Carver, Fahrrad, Reifen, Schnellspanner, Steckachsen

Check the handlebars and stem

Check whether the handlebars and stem are not bent or broken and whether they are still stand straight. Check that the stem is firmly seated on the fork by trying to twist the handlebars relative to the front wheel. Check whether the handlebar attachments are still tight and the handlebars themselves are still firmly seated in the stem. If necessary, align the components and carefully tighten the screws until the components clamp securely.

You can find the maximum screw torques printed on the components or in the instructions included when purchasing your Carver bike.

Carver, Fahrrad, Lenker, Vorbau kontrollieren, Cockpit

Inspect circuit for damage

Check whether the chain is still on the chainrings and sprockets. If the bike has fallen on its gear side, you should check the gear function. Ask a helper to lift the bike by the saddle and carefully shift through the gears. Especially in the smaller gears, when the chain climbs onto the larger sprockets, you have to pay attention to how close the rear derailleur gets to the spokes.

A bent rear derailleur or a bent dropout/derailleur hanger can cause the rear derailleur to get caught in the spokes or the chain to jump. The rear derailleur, the rear wheel and the frame can be severely damaged. Check the front derailleur function, as a displaced front derailleur can cause the chain to be thrown off and the Carver bike to lose drive. The chain can also become jammed, which could result in a fall.

Carver, Fahrrad, Schaltung kontrollieren, Gang, Schaltwerk, Speichen
Carver, Fahrrad, Schaltung kontrollieren, Gang, Schaltwerk, Speichen

Adjust saddle

Look over the tip of the saddle along the top tube or toward the bottom bracket shell to make sure the saddle is not twisted. If necessary, open the clamp, align the saddle and clamp again.

You can find out how to set the correct seat height again here .

Carver, Sattel, Fahrrad
Carver, Sattel einstellen, Fahrrad

Check screw connections

Lift the Carver bike a few centimeters and let it bounce onto the ground. If this makes noises, you should look for loose screw connections. If necessary, turn it up a little.

Carver, Fahrrad, Rahmen

Detect frame damage

Finally, check the entire bike again to identify any deformations, discolorations or cracks.

Only ride back on the shortest route and very carefully if your Carver bike has passed the tests without any errors. Avoid accelerating and braking too hard and don't go out of your chair. If you have any doubts about the suitability of your Carver bike, have the car pick you up instead of taking a safety risk.

When you get home, the Carver bike needs to be thoroughly examined again. The damaged parts must be repaired.

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