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Carver Handbook: How do I set the correct seat height?

Determine saddle height

How high your saddle needs to be depends on how you pedal. When pedaling, the ball of your foot should be over the center of the pedal axle. The leg must not be fully extended in the lowest position of the crank, otherwise the pedaling will become uneven.

Sit on the saddle and place your heel on the pedal in the lowest position. The hips must remain straight and the leg must be fully extended.

To adjust the seat height, loosen either the quick release or the seat post clamp screw at the top of the seat tube.

For the latter, you need a suitable tool, such as an Allen key, with which you turn the clamping screw two to three turns counterclockwise. Now you can adjust the height of the seat post.

Do not pull the seat post beyond the marking on the shaft (end, minimum, maximum, stop, limit, etc.) and always grease the part of the seat post in the frame with the exception of the carbon material.

Carver, Sattel, Fahrrad
Carver, Sattel einstellen, Fahrrad

Straighten the saddle again by pointing over the tip of the saddle onto the bottom bracket shell or along the top tube.

Clamp the seat post. To do this, either close the quick release or turn the seat post clamping screw clockwise by half a turn. You should achieve sufficient clamping effect without using large amounts of hand force. Otherwise the seat post will not fit the frame.

Always check that the seat post is firmly seated between steps. To do this, hold the saddle front and back with your hands and try to twist it. If this is successful, you must carefully tighten the clamping screw half a turn and check the seat again.

Is the leg extension correct when rechecked? Take control by placing your foot and pedal in the lowest position. When the ball of your foot is in the middle of the pedal (ideal pedaling position), the knee must be slightly bent. If this is the case, you have set the saddle height correctly.

Check whether you can still safely reach the ground from the saddle. If this is not the case, you should at least initially lower the saddle a little.

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