Entdeckungsreise entlang der Ostsee: Der Ostseeküsten-Radweg

Journey of discovery along the Baltic Sea: The Baltic Sea Coast Cycle Path

The Baltic Sea Coast Cycle Path, also known as EuroVelo 10, is one of the most picturesque and diverse cycling routes in Germany, taking cycling enthusiasts along the breathtaking coastal landscape of the Baltic Sea. Imagine cycling on a path that takes you through historic Hanseatic towns, idyllic fishing villages, past endless sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs and through untouched nature reserves. This adventure begins in the lively town of Flensburg, near the Danish border, and takes you to Greifswald, a hidden gem in northeast Germany.

On this route you can expect not only spectacular views of the Baltic Sea, but also the chance to immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of the region. From the impressive evidence of the brick Gothic in cities like Lübeck and Stralsund to the quiet, almost untouched landscapes of Rügen - the Baltic Sea Coast Cycle Path offers something for everyone. It is this unique combination of nature, culture and history that makes the tour an unforgettable experience.

Why should you choose this bike tour? Because it offers you the rare opportunity to experience the Baltic Sea coast in all its diversity up close. You can feel the salt air on your skin, enjoy the local cuisine and immerse yourself in the stories and legends of the Baltic Sea region. Whether you're a passionate cyclist looking for a new challenge or just want to spend some relaxing time in nature, the Baltic Sea Coast Cycle Path offers you the perfect balance between adventure and relaxation.

Join us on this fascinating journey along one of the most beautiful coasts in Europe and discover why the Baltic Sea Coast Cycle Path is an absolute must for every cycle tour enthusiast. Prepare to be enchanted by the beauty of the Baltic Sea, the hospitality of its residents and the countless memories you will make on this trip. Get on your bike and let’s experience the Baltic Sea Coast Cycle Path adventure together!

Carver, Ostseekuesten radweg

From Flensburg to Greifswald: Unforgettable moments on the Baltic Sea cycle path

On your journey along the Baltic Sea Coast Cycle Path from Flensburg to Greifswald, you will be guided through a diverse and breathtaking landscape that combines maritime experiences, cultural treasures and natural beauty. Here is a chronological overview of the highlights along the route:

From Flensburg to Lübeck:

  • Flensburg : The tour begins in this historic port city, known for its charm and maritime museum.
  • Kappeln : Known for the unique herring fences and the holiday paradise Damp with its wellness offers.
  • Eckernförde : The dreamy old town and white sandy beach invite you to take a break.
  • Kiel : The Bay of Kiel offers maritime impressions and cultural highlights such as the submarine in Laboe.
  • Fehmarn : The sunny island of Fehmarn impresses with its marine center and the NABU water bird reserve.
  • Lübeck : The historic city of Lübeck with its famous old town and the Holsten Gate forms the end of Schleswig-Holstein.

From Lübeck to Greifswald:

  • Wismar: The UNESCO-protected old town and the water art on the market square are definitely worth seeing.
  • Rostock-Warnemünde: This seaside resort offers pure harbor romance.Stralsund: As the gateway to Rügen, the UNESCO World Heritage city is known for the Ozeaneum and the panoramic view from the Marienkirchturm.
  • Rügen: Explore the island with its steep banks at Cape Arkona, the Königsstuhl, and the elegant seaside villas in Binz.
  • Greifswald: The university and Hanseatic city is inviting with the Pomeranian State Museum and the picturesque fishing village of Wieck.

From Rügen to Usedom:

  • Usedom : The island enchants with long promenades, the traditional spa architecture in the imperial spas of Bansin, Heringsdorf and Ahlbeck, as well as fantastic beaches.

This route takes you into a world full of history, culture and natural beauty. From the German-Danish border in Flensburg to the German-Polish border on Usedom, you can experience the Baltic Sea coast in all its facets over around 1,100 kilometers.

The Baltic Sea Coast Cycle Path is a breathtaking route that showcases the beauty of the German Baltic Sea coast from the Danish to the Polish border. The total length of the cycle path is around 1,100 kilometers, with around 430 kilometers leading through Schleswig-Holstein and the remaining 670 kilometers through Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. This route unfolds a fascinating mix of natural beauty, cultural highlights and maritime experiences that cyclists can enjoy along the entire route.

Given the considerable length of the route, it is advisable to divide the journey into several stages in order to fully enjoy both the variety of landscapes and the numerous sights along the way. A division into stages also makes it possible to adapt the tour to individual fitness and interests, be it for long breaks on the beaches, for sightseeing in the cities or for exploring nature.

Carver, Ostseeküsten Radweg, Sonnenuntergang, Haus, Meer

The perfect route: planning and tips for the Baltic Sea cycle path

There are various approaches to planning the stages, depending on personal preferences and the desired pace of travel. Here are some recommendations based on the average daily performance of a leisure cyclist of around 50 to 80 kilometers:

  • Easy pace : At an easier pace, you could divide the route into around 20 to 22 daily stages. This gives you enough time to explore the surroundings and take relaxing breaks.
  • Moderate pace: At a more moderate pace and daily stages of around 70 kilometers, the route can be completed in around 15 to 16 days. This approach is suitable for cyclists who want a good balance between cycling and sightseeing.
  • Sporty pace : If you're looking for a challenge and want to cover longer distances each day, you could divide the tour into 10 to 12 stages. This requires good preparation and fitness, but allows for an intensive experience of the entire route in a shorter time.

It is important to plan the tour so that there is enough time for unforeseen events, sightseeing and relaxation breaks. Also note that certain sections of the route may be temporarily rerouted due to coastal decline or construction work, which may affect stage planning.
The flexibility to divide the route into stages at your own discretion makes the Baltic Sea Coast Cycle Path an ideal destination for cyclists of different ability levels. Regardless of the division you choose, the tour along the Baltic Sea coast offers an incomparable opportunity to experience the scenic and cultural diversity of northern Germany.

Conclusion: Why the Baltic Sea Coast Cycle Path should be on your bucket list

The Baltic Sea Coast Cycle Path offers a unique opportunity to intensively experience the beauty and cultural diversity of the German Baltic Sea coast. With careful planning and adapting to your own pace, this bike tour can be made into an unforgettable adventure that promises both relaxation and insight into the region's maritime heritage.

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