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Your new carver bike will be delivered to you pre-assembled. All you have to do is adjust the handlebars and mount the pedals. For more detailed information, please take a look at our magazine article “How to get your bike to you”.

Where can I find the frame number of my Carver?

Are you wondering where to find the frame number of your Carver bike? No problem! Just look on the seat tube or in the bottom bracket area. It is usually engraved or attached there.

This number is important, for example for registering your bike or if it gets lost. If you need further help, we are of course happy to help!

Technical exchange

What brake disc diameter is my carver bike approved for?

The maximum permitted brake disc diameters are those that were actually installed on the models of a specific series. This applies to both the rear and front, even if the fork manufacturer should release larger brake discs for the fork model.

I would like to equip my carver bike with more suspension travel. Is this possible?

It is important that the dimensions of the new chassis components correspond exactly to those of the original parts. Especially with the spring elements, i.e. the dampers, you should keep an eye on the installation length, the dimensions of the bushings and the stroke. These should be identical to the original parts.

Why? Quite simply: Deviations could have a negative impact on driving behavior and, in the worst case, even lead to damage to the frame. And you definitely want to avoid that.

With suspension forks, it is usually sufficient if you maintain the spring travel of the fork installed at the factory. The installation lengths vary only minimally with the same spring travel.

So if you are unsure or need help, don't hesitate to contact us. We at Carver are here to help and advise you so that your bike has the suspension you want.

Are you wondering whether you can order spare parts and accessories directly from us?

Good news: We plan to offer this service in the future. Keep an eye out for updates so that you can soon find everything you need for your carver bike directly from us.
We are working on making this option available to you soon.

Where can I find information about the maximum tire width, seat post or stem length of my Carver bike?

Are you looking for detailed specifications for your carver bike, especially the maximum tire width, suitable seat posts or the correct stem length?

This technical information can be viewed in Carver's SpecBook. There you will find the exact dimensions and compatibility information that are relevant for optimizing your bike. To do this, go to our downloads and download the appropriate Specbook.

We attach great importance to providing you with precise data and professional information to ensure the best possible performance and safety of your carver bike.