General questions

Can I equip my Carver bike with a luggage rack?

If there are luggage rack attachment points on the frame, the Carver bike can be fitted with a luggage rack.

Which mudguards can I fit to my Carver bike?

General: The SKS mudguards fitted by Carver are made to measure and are not available to customers in stores, although mudguards of the same width can be purchased.
However, the exact fit of the mounting points cannot be guaranteed.width per model:

  • UNIQ Series: 46mm
  • Cinos Series: 46mm
  • Gravel Series: 46mm
  • Gravel Street Series: 46mm
  • Route Series: 46mm
  • Strict Series: 46mm
  • Strict Street Series: 46mm
  • SUV Series: 65mm
  • Tour Series: 46mm
  • Cityzen E FL and RT: 60mm
  • Route E 400-430: 56mm
  • Route E 510-540: 60mm

Can I fit any bottle cage?

Yes, you can attach all bottle cages with a standard mount to your Carver bike.

Which stand can I mount on my Carver bike?

The following stand mounts are installed on our models:

  • Uniq1: KSA40
  • Uniq2: KSA40
  • Uniq3: KSA25
  • Cinos Street 110: KSA40
  • Cinos Street 140: KSA25
  • Cinos 110-120: KSA40
  • Cinos 140-150: KSA25
  • Cityzen 110-120: Mittelbau
  • Route 110-130: KSA40
  • Route 140-150: KSA25
  • Strict 100: KSA40
  • Strict 100W: KSA40
  • Strict 110: KSA25
  • Strict 110W: KSA25
  • Strict 120 Street: KSA25
  • Strict 120W: KSA25
  • Strict 120: KSA25
  • Strict 130W: KSA25
  • Strict 130-170: KSA25
  • SUV E.410-450: KSA25
  • SUV E.510-550 FS: KSA18
  • Cityzen E.410-440: KSA25
  • Route E.400-540: KSA25
  • Strict E.410-440: KSA25

Where is the serial number located?

The serial number of your Carverbike is located on the seat tube or in the bottom bracket area.

Technical questions

What do I need to consider before my first ride?

Before your first ride on the road, you should check a few things so that you don't get into trouble, including familiarizing yourself with all the brake and gear components installed on your bike.

Try out all attachments before using them on public roads to make sure that you have mastered all the functions, and you can find all the information and details in the Carver manual article "What should you consider before your first ride?".

What do I need to consider before every trip?

Before every ride, you should check some components for secure attachment and wear. This is for your own safety and to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the components.

These include the wheels, brakes, gears and any suspension elements installed, as well as all other points in the Carver manual article "What do you need to check before every ride?"

What to do after a fall?

In the event of a fall or accident, parts of your bike may also have been damaged. Before your next ride, you should definitely check your carver bike. Attachments may be bent, broken or have limited functionality.

Be sure to take a look at the Carver manual article “What is required after a fall?” at.

How can I adjust the bike correctly?

For the correct sitting position, several factors must be taken into account. Body size and proportions are crucial here. However, many adjustment factors also play a major role in achieving the correct posture. Choosing a type of bike roughly determines your posture. However, various components on your Carver bike are designed so that they can be adjusted to a certain extent to your body proportions. This includes the seat post, the handlebar stem and the brake handles.

Here you will find all the information on how to find the right frame .

How do I set the seat height correctly?

The seat height is very important when cycling to avoid pain in the knees, hands, neck and back caused by an incorrect sitting position.

Here you will find all the information you need for the perfect seat height.

How should I adjust the handlebar height?

The handlebar height affects your sitting position. An incorrect sitting position can lead to pain and puts particular strain on the hands, wrists, arms, upper body and neck. That's why you should pay attention to a comfortable handlebar height and you can find the article "How do I adjust the handlebar height?" in the Carver manual. all important information.

How can I adjust the brake lever grips?

In a dangerous situation, the correct adjustment of the brake levers can determine whether you come to a stop quickly or not. That's why you should make and regulate the settings for the brake lever reach mentioned in the Carver manual article .

What do I need to know about the suspension?

The suspension on your carver bike is also a technical component that you should concern yourself with. Here you will first find the meaning of some terms in technical language.

How do I set the suspension correctly?

Adjusting the suspension fork to your body weight is essential for a good riding experience and fun cycling. In addition, the lifespan of the suspension fork is extended.

In the Carver manual article “Tuning the suspension fork” you will find all the information on how to correctly adjust your suspension.

How do I set the damper correctly?

To ensure maximum riding comfort and cycling fun, shock absorbers must be tailored precisely to your body weight and needs. There are a few things to consider here in order to ultimately ensure that the damper has a long service life. You can find all the information about this in the blog article “How do I adjust my damper?” .