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    Important information:

    • Interested employees should negotiate with their employer's HR department to ensure that there is cooperation with JobRad and that they are authorized to lease.
    • The leasing model for employees requires a minimum basket value of 749 euros (excluding shipping costs). For self-employed persons and freelancers, the minimum value is 1,499 euros (excluding shipping costs).
    • No special offer prices are taken into account in the tax valuation of the leased object; the non-binding retail price (RRP) of the bicycle is decisive.
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  • Your HR department can tell you whether your employer works with JobRad as a leasing partner. Please also ask your HR department whether you are eligible to lease.

    • As a first step, you should check whether your company is working with JobRad and whether you meet the JobRad conditions.
    • Browse through our Carver online store to find your perfect bike. Please note that the total value must be at least €749, simply add your desired bike to the shopping cart and select JobRad for employees when paying.
    • After you have ordered the bike, we will hand over your order to JobRad and have it checked, and if everything is clear with JobRad and your employer, we will start sending you your new bike.
  • Then you should let them know. The easiest way is to use the JobRad contact form and JobRad will get in touch with your employer as soon as possible and advise them. as soon as your employer has concluded a framework agreement with JobRad, you can order the bike of your choice. for your employer, JobRad is cost-neutral.

    To the Jobrad contact form
    • Choose your dream bike in the Carver online store. You can select a maximum of one bike per order - only the total value must be at least €1,499
    • In the checkout, you now select the payment method JobRad for self-employed.
    • We transfer your order to JobRad and it will then be checked.
    • After the credit check, JobRad will send you your leasing contract. If you sign this, JobRad will give us the green light for your order and as soon as your application is approved by JobRad, we will ship your bike and accessories.
  • 1. Find out from your employer whether they offer bike leasing via JobRad.

  • 2. Add your dream bike to the shopping cart and select "JobRad" as the payment method at checkout.

  • 3. After your application has been approved by JobRad, your order will be processed and dispatched by Carver.

  • 4. Ülease remember to confirm receipt of your new Carver bike in the JobRad portal.

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