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What makes a Carver e-trekking bike?

Carver e-trekking bikes are the perfect choice for anyone who enjoys cycling but doesn't want to forego performance and comfort. In this magazine article we introduce you to the two Carver e-trekking bike series.

The Carver Tour-E Series focuses on comfort and everyday life. Suspended seat posts, a hub gear as well as an adjustable and higher handlebar position make the Carver Tour-E a comfortable everyday companion. The Carver Route-E Series, on the other hand, is the sportier counterpart of the Tour-E Series. Our Route-E Series focuses on sport in geometry and contact points.

For which people is a Carver e-trekking bike suitable and for what purposes is it suitable?

Modern e-bikes such as the Carver Route E.540 or the Carver Tour E.420 have a variety of possible uses. With an e-trekking bike from Carver you can travel sporty, but you can also use it for leisurely tours, daily commuting or for shopping. E-trekking bikes are therefore particularly suitable for city, country, gravel and forest paths. In general, the following groups can particularly benefit from e-trekking bikes:

  1. Commuters who drive to work every day. Especially in the city, you can often travel faster and more comfortably by bike than by car or public transport. Another advantage is that thanks to the support, you arrive at the office less sweaty, even in summer temperatures.
  2. People who like to spend their free time outside and go on longer bike rides. Here, the electrical support helps you to overcome more demanding and longer distances.
  3. People who still want to be active despite their age, minor injuries or illnesses. A Carver e-trekking bike allows you to stay active, cycle, enjoy nature and push your own physical limits. An e-trekking bike can also be interesting for athletes. The electrical support, which can be switched on if necessary, reduces the strain on muscles and joints, which in turn can help with regeneration in the event of injuries.
  4. People who are consciously looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative to cars.

In short, it is suitable for people of different ages, fitness levels, interests and hobbies. With its multitude of possible uses, a Carver e-trekking bike may be “the jack of all trades” you are looking for.

Overview of our Route-E Series:

The Carver Route-E Series is characterized by the excellent combination of performance, sporty comfort and versatility. Our Route-E bikes are ideal for daily commuting, smaller everyday trips or long, extended and demanding tours. The Carver Route-E Series offers the ideal introduction to the world of e-trekking bikes. But not only beginners will get their money's worth with our Route-E models, real e-bike enthusiasts will also have fun. Here are a few features that set our Route-E Series apart.

  1. High-quality and powerful drive: We only use mid-engines from Bosch in all of our Route-E Series models. The motors offer you a power of up to 250 watts and a high torque of up to 85 Nm in our top models. This means that even long mountain tours are no problem. In the entry-level range we rely on the Bosch Active Line Plus and the Bosch Performance Line motor. Both engines shine with harmonious acceleration and still have enough power for your next adventure.
  2. Powerful battery: The complete Route-E Series has powerful, integrated (Bosch Powertube) or semi-integrated batteries (Bosch Powerpack). Depending on the model, you have a range of up to 150 km.
  3. Sporty, comfortable frame geometry: The Route-E Series offers a comfortable yet sporty frame geometry. This in turn means more comfort and less strain for the driver, especially on long journeys. All of our Route-E models are made of high-quality aluminum. This ensures stability and lightness and contributes to a pleasant driving experience. The adjustable stem gives you even more options to individually adjust your Carver Route-E. In direct contrast to our Tour-E series, however, a much sportier handlebar is installed.
  4. Versatile equipment: We use high-quality branded components in all of our models. For example, all of our Route-E bikes are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, a Shimano derailleur gear and a sturdy luggage rack. Furthermore, high-quality Suntour suspension forks were installed throughout the entire series. SKS mudguards, modern LED lighting and stands complete the overall package. By the way, all Carver Route-E models are StVZO compliant.
  5. Variety: From entry-level models to high-end versions, there is the right Route-E bike for every requirement and type of rider.
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Overview of our Tour-E Series:

With our Tour-E Series, comfort comes first. The Carver Tour-E models impress with a clean look thanks to the integrated Bosch PowerPack battery, as well as a comfortable geometry. The Tour-E bikes represent the comfort series of our e-trekking bikes. They are the ideal bikes for everyone who wants to reach their destination relaxed, rested and extremely comfortable. Here too, this can be the daily commute to work, a short excursion or an extended bike ride. A low-maintenance hub gear, wide comfort tires and a suspended seat post round off the comfort package. If you are still undecided as to whether the Carver Tour-E Series is right for you, we have another little overview for you here.

  1. High-quality Bosch drive: For our Tour-E models we only use high-quality and reliable engines from Bosch. For example, in our Carver Tour E.410 model we install the Bosch Active Line Plus motor with around 45 Nm. If you need a little more power, our top model, the Carver Tour-E.420, is a great choice. A Bosch Performance Line motor pushes you with 65 Nm. Both drives impress with a harmonious driving experience and are particularly suitable for e-bikes with a hub gear.
  2. Powerful battery: So that you don't run out of power even on long tours. All of our Tour-E bikes are equipped with an integrated Bosch PowerPack with 400Wh or 500Wh. This is easy to remove, making it easier to transport and charge on the go or at home. The battery is protected by a cover, so you don't have to worry even in bad weather.
  3. Simply comfortable: The frame geometry of our Tour-E Series promotes an upright sitting position. This ensures better comfort when cycling, especially on longer journeys. Our Tour-E bikes also have an adjustable stem. This means you can adjust your handlebars individually to your taste, which provides additional comfort. A spring-loaded seat post so that your back doesn't suffer, rounds off the overall package.
  4. Hub gear: The advantage of a hub gear is obvious. It is a closed system, not very susceptible to dirt and therefore very low-maintenance overall. With a hub gear it is also possible to shift gears while standing, which is particularly helpful in city traffic.
  5. Equipment: We use first-class brand components in all of our models. For example, all of our Tour-E models are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, high-quality Suntour suspension forks and a sturdy luggage rack. SKS mudguards, modern LED lighting and stands complete the overall package. Oh yes, all Carver Tour-E models are StVZO compliant.
Carver Fahrrad, Tour E.420, rot, Frau, Sonne, Gepäckträger

Which model should I choose now?

Both are great bikes, so no matter which model you choose, you won't make the wrong choice. You will have fun with both e-bikes. The Tour-E is more for you if you prefer comfortable cycling. In direct comparison with the Route-E, you take an upright sitting position on the Tour-E, which ensures extra comfort. With the individually adjustable stem you have the opportunity to adapt the bike to your needs and make it even more comfortable. In city traffic, the Pedelec also scores points with its low-maintenance Shimano hub gears.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a sporty, comfortable seating position, then the Route-E is exactly the right bike for you. Here too, an adjustable stem offers individual adjustment options, but here you have a much sportier fit. Depending on which Route-E model you choose, you will also have more power and a longer range than with our Tour-E models. For example, our entire Route E.500 Series is equipped with the most powerful engine from Bosch. A Shimano derailleur gear also ensures a larger spread, which is beneficial in mountainous terrain.

In short: Both Carver e-bikes are great e-bikes, you can't make a wrong choice.

Everything at a glance:



Drive: Bosch Active Line Plus, Bosch Performance Line motor Drive: Bosch Active Line Plus – Bosch Performance Line CX motor
Battery: 400Wh-545Wh Battery: 400Wh-625Wh
Range: Up to 125 km Range: Up to 200 km
Gears: 5-8 Gears: 9-12
Shift type: hub gear Shift type: derailleur gear
Hydraulic disc brakes Hydraulic disc brakes
suspension fork suspension fork
Luggage carrier Luggage carrier
Frame shapes: Diamond & Trapezoid Frame shapes: Diamond, Wave & Trapezoid
Frame geometry: Comfortable alignment Frame geometry: Sporty orientation
Areas of application: Ideal for everyday life, commuting, city Areas of application: Ideal for everyday life, traveling, commuting
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