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The perfect all-rounders: discover the Carver SUV-E Series

Are you looking for a robust and versatile e-bike? Then the Carver SUV-E Series is just the thing! Why? Because it combines the practical advantages of e-trekking bikes with the stylish design and off-road capability of e-mountain bikes. Does it have a comfortable geometry? Yes, with a geometry that is slightly more geared towards everyday use, the Carver SUV-E is an e-bike that is sporty and comfortable. Can you use it in the city? In any case! It has complete StVZO equipment and a robust luggage rack system that is also suitable for transporting larger loads. And what about off-road tours? Don't worry, its off-road capability opens up new possibilities for unhindered driving fun even off the beaten track.

What is the Carver SUV-E SERIES?

The Carver SUV-E Series is a range of modern e-bikes that are suitable for both urban and off-road use. The frames are all made of lightweight aluminum and are impressive even when riding rough on uneven surfaces. The Carver SUV-E impresses with its modern geometry that offers comfort and stability. It has a powerful motor and long battery life, so you can fully concentrate on your driving experience. High-quality components and a weight allowance of up to 140 kg round off the overall package.

Advantages of the SUV-E SERIES

The Carver SUV-E Series is the perfect combination of trekking bike and mountain bike because it offers you many advantages. You have a bike that is suitable for everyday use, but is also robust enough to survive on difficult terrain. It is fully StVZO compliant and has a robust luggage rack system. In addition, the off-road geometry enables an optimal driving experience on paved and unpaved paths. The powerful motor further improves your riding experience by providing you with powerful support.

Mann auf Carver Fahrrad SUV E.450
Frau auf Carver Fahrrad SUV E.450

Areas of application for the SUV-E SERIES

With the Carver SUV-E Series you can drive on asphalt or gravel roads, but also master smaller trails and paths. Thanks to the powerful Bosch CX motor and the robust construction, our bikes are at home on any surface. Thanks to the built-in 625 Wh Bosch Powertube battery, you can climb even the steepest mountains without having to worry about running out of power. Thanks to its sportier design and features, the Carver SUV-E is ideal for commuters, outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. Whether you just want to cycle to the office or want to experience your adventure in unknown terrain - with the SUV-E Series you are well equipped! Our SUV-E Series offers you everything you need: comfort, safety in everyday life, the necessary robustness and off-road capability for your next adventure.

Top model: Carver SUV E.450 in detail

The Carver SUV E.450 is the flagship of the fleet and enables you to have impressive adventures! Equipped with the Bosch Nyon on-board computer, you always have everything in view. But what makes this model so special? High-quality components such as the Shimano Deore XT 12-speed gears, the Shimano BL-T8100 hydraulic disc brakes and the Suntour Mobie25-Air suspension ensure a premium driving experience. But that's not all - it is fully suitable for the city and is already equipped to comply with the StVZO ex works. But what exactly is in the package?

The Bosch Nyon 2 Display is a revolutionary bicycle display that really offers you everything. The intuitive touchscreen lets you plan and navigate your trip, check your performance, and more. It also has built-in apps to help you track your workouts. The display's robust housing protects it from dust and water, making it reliable in any weather. The battery lasts up to 20 hours, so you can go on long tours without worrying about the battery. With the Bosch Nyon 2 display you have all the information you need for your next bike ride - so what are you waiting for?

The Suntour Mobie 25 suspension fork is a must for all bikers. With its lightweight and robust construction, it offers the best possible performance on any surface. The fork features specially developed air cushioning to ensure you ride comfortably and efficiently. The lockout lever allows you to adjust the travel depending on the terrain.

Our 4 piston Shimano XT brakes are just another highlight on the long list. They offer more control and precision than traditional 2-piston brakes, so you get the right amount of stopping power in every situation.

How nice it is that with the Carver E-SUV you can experience every journey as a unique adventure!

Mann und Carver Fahrrad SUV E.450
Carver Fahrrad SUV E.450, Pedale, Bosch Motor

Who is the Carver SUV-E SERIES suitable for?

The Carver SUV-E Series is suitable for both occasional cyclists and ambitious cyclists. The bikes are perfect for commuters as well as recreational cyclists who love adventure. But mountain bikers also get their money's worth with the Carver SUV E.450. In short: If you value a modern, powerful and sporty e-bike, our Carver SUV-E Series is the best choice!

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