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Carver Handbook: How can I adjust the brake lever reach?

Adjustment of the brake handle

With most brake levers, the distance between the lever and the handlebar grips is adjustable. Drivers with small hands in particular can bring the brake levers within easy reach of the handlebars.
The first joints of the middle and index fingers should be able to grasp the lever.

Mechanical brakes

As a rule, there is a small adjustment screw where the brake cable of a cable brake runs into the lever fitting or on the lever itself. Turn it clockwise and observe whether and how the lever moves.

Hydraulic brakes

Hydraulic brakes also have adjustment devices on the brake lever. There are different systems there.

If you have any questions about the brakes, we will be happy to help you using the contact form . However, we advise you not to tinker with safety-relevant parts without previous experience. If so, please contact a bicycle retailer near you.

Adjust the grip width so that the first joint of your index finger can grasp the brake lever. Then check the correct setting and function of the brake system and/or as described in the brake manufacturer's instructions. With some brakes, both the lever distance and the pressure point can be adjusted.

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