Carver Handbuch, Fahrrad, vor der ersten fahrt

Carver Handbook: What should you consider before your first ride?

Take maximum total weight into account

All bikes are designed for a maximum total weight. Driver, luggage and Carver bike are added together. You can find the maximum permissible total weight in the bike pass.

Equipment for participation in road traffic

There are legal requirements in order to be able to participate in road traffic. Have your Carver bike equipped accordingly before using it in traffic.

In the blog article “Make your bike StVO / StVZO compliant” you will find tips and advice on what you should consider when it comes to a roadworthy bike.

Carver, Fahrrad, Beleuchtung, Rahmen, Licht
Carver, Fahrrad, Rücklicht, Gepäckträger, Reifen

Testing the brake system

Are you familiar with the braking system? Check your bike passport and check whether you can operate the front brake with the same brake handle (right or left) as you are used to.

Modern brakes may have a much stronger braking effect, so you should test brake on a flat surface at low speed away from traffic.

Carver, Fahrrad, Bremse angezogen, Cockpit

How the circuit works

Are you familiar with the circuit type and its function?
Test yourself with your new gears away from traffic.

Adjust saddle

Are the saddle and handlebars adjusted correctly? The saddle should be adjusted so that you can just reach the pedal with your heel in the lowest position. Check whether you can still reach the ground with your toes when you are sitting in the saddle.

Carver, Sattel, Fahrrad
Carver, Sattel einstellen, Fahrrad

Function of clipless pedals

If you have clipless or system pedals on your Carver bike: Have you ever ridden with the shoes that come with them? First, carefully familiarize yourself with the locking and releasing technique while stationary.

Suspension on your carver bike

Incorrect adjustment of the spring elements can lead to poor function or damage to the spring element. In any case, the driving behavior will deteriorate and you will not achieve maximum driving safety and driving pleasure.

You can find out here how to make the correct chassis adjustment and tune the suspension fork. Alternatively, you can also contact customer service .

Carver, Fahrrad, Federung, Reifen, Beleuchtung

You can find out what you should check before every ride on your carver bike here .

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