Carver Handbuch, Fahrrad, vor jeder fahrt

Carver Handbook: What do you need to check before every ride?

Check quick releases, axles and screw connections

Are the quick releases, quick release axles or screw connections on the front and rear wheels, seat post and other components closed correctly?

Let your Carver bike jump onto the ground from a low height. Investigate any rattling noises that occur. If necessary, check bearings and screw connections.

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Carver, Sattel einstellen, Fahrrad


Are the tires in good condition and do both tires have enough pressure? A higher pressure results in better driving stability and increases puncture resistance. You can find the information about minimum and maximum pressure (in bar or psi) on the side of the tire.


Let both wheels rotate freely to check the concentricity. To do this, observe the gap between the brake pad and the rim or, on wheels with disc brakes, between the frame and the rim or tire. Poor concentricity can also indicate side-burred tires, broken axles and broken spokes.

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Functional test of the brake

Do a brake test while standing still by pulling the brake levers towards the handlebars with force.

The brake pads on rim brakes must touch the rim sides at the same time and hit the entire surface. You must not touch the tires when braking, when open, or in between. The lever must not be able to be pulled through to the handlebars. With hydraulic brakes, no oil may escape from the lines! Also check the thickness of the coating.

With disc brakes, the pressure point must be immediately stable. If you can only feel a stable pressure point after pressing the brake lever several times, you should have the Carver bicycle checked by a specialist bicycle dealer. The lever must not be able to be pulled through to the handlebars. With hydraulic brakes, no oil or brake fluid may leak from the lines! Of course, the pad thickness must also be checked here to prevent increased wear on the brake disc.
If you change the brake pads too late, you will have more wear on the brake discs.

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Carver, Fahrrad, Bremse angezogen, Cockpit

Fold in the bike stand

Make sure the stand, if installed, is fully folded before driving.
Risk of accident!

Compress the suspension fork and damper

If you have a Carver bike with suspension, do the following check: Lean on the Carver bike and check whether the spring elements compress and extend as usual.

You can find more information about dampers here and you can read how to correctly tune the suspension fork here .

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