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Carver luggage rack: Which bag or basket fits to my Carver?

We are always asked the question, which bags/baskets actually fit on my Carver bike. For this reason, we have summarized all the important and frequently asked questions for you in this article.

I have a luggage rack with Ractime Snaptime function, which type of bags are best?

If you own a Carver bike that has a Racktime system luggage rack with Snapit function installed, you can attach any type of Racktime system bags or baskets. Please note that this type of luggage rack does not have a spring flap for clamping. However, with the Snapit function, all Racktime system bags/baskets can be easily strapped onto the luggage rack and released again. If you still need a clamp, you can easily purchase it from a third-party retailer. Of course, you can also attach all types of side bags to the luggage rack. It is important to ensure that the included adapters are removed from the bag holders or used on thinner luggage racks.

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I have a Carver luggage rack, which bags can I attach to it?

The Carver luggage rack was specially designed with a spring flap so that you can strap everyday items quickly and safely. The robust outer struts provide additional stability. However, due to this design, not all bags can be easily attached to the luggage rack. The same applies to transporting side bags. Here we recommend that you specifically use bags from Ortlieb. These have a slightly wider mount and fit easily on your Carver luggage rack. In this case, too, please note that for a perfect fit, all adapters must be removed from the holder.

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What options do I have if my basket or bag doesn't fit?

If you already own system bags from, for example, XLC Carrymore or Racktime, we recommend a quick, short work around. There are corresponding adapter plates from both manufacturers that are very easy to install. After installing the adapter plate, you can attach all bags and baskets of the respective system and thus have a larger selection of accessories.

Can I install a permanently bolted basket on my luggage rack?

Yes, installing a tightly screwed basket or bag is also no problem. You can also find holes intended for this purpose on our luggage racks. If there is no hole, such as in our type of luggage rack with Racktime Snapit function, you may need an additional adapter plate. These are usually included when purchasing the bag or basket.

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